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Devised by an ex sufferer over 20 years ago - 100% Recovery success rate in trials and practice
How would it be if you could access support, reassurance and guidance at any time... day or night? How would it be to switch off your anxiety centrally and know that you will never suffer again?

LAR Therapy, the process behind The Linden Method Home Access Program, is the world's only accredited, dedicated anxiety disorder recovery therapy. For people of all ages, TLM was devised to give sufferers what THEY need in order to recover, when THEY need it, instead of when the next therapy session comes around. Evidence Based Practice - The true test of any process is when real people provide feedback about how they feel... we have tens of thousands of such case studies from normal people from around the world.

TLM provides more to sufferers than any other anxiety treatment option, it includes unlimited support and gives clients the opportunity to feel supported, reassured and confident of rapid and lifelong relief.
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WHY are we so different?

1. We are an accredited educational organisation delivering anxiety recovery and anxiety recovery practitioner education to professional level.
2. We are Trading Standards partners which means they have 'checked' every aspect of what we do and are happy that we are 'honest'.
3. We ONLY employ qualified psychologists and psychotherapists to work in central support.
4. Our recovery program produces trial results with an outcome of total recovery.
5. Our success rate is a minimum of 900% above that of all other therapies who cannot prove curative effectiveness at all.
6. We have more real testimonials from clients, psychologists, doctors and celebrities than ANY other treatment for the disorders.
7. We are the oldest provider of online, email and phone psychotherapeutic services in the world. Since 1996.
8. We are the only mental health provision with online portal, workshop, corporate and residential recovery programmes.
9. Our mental health services are the least expensive professional mental health provisions in the world.
10. We are the only mental health provision to offer unlimited, no appointment, access to our professionals.
11. We are the only mental health services that produces true recovery from conditions people state are incurable.
12. Our team have spoken to and helped more people than any other MH practitioners in the world!
13. All of our practitioners have suffered, recovered and helped thousands to do the same.

These are just a few examples but I think you'll agree... they're pretty unique ones!.
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