Anxiety Disorder Recovery Reassurance

Charles often records these ‘off the cuff’ videos when inspired by something he sees or reads. Charles’ casual style and heartfelt honesty inspires sufferers to both understand why they suffer and believe that real, long-term recovery isn’t just possible, but also inevitable if you know how.

What are Anxiety Disorders & How do You Overcome Them?

Charles explains the true nature of anxiety disorders. This may be different to what you have heard before, but Charles and his organization are in a unique situation having spent 20 years researching the true science of emotional suffering and treating over 200,000 anxious people.

My TV Series & Some Inspirational Videos


Panic Attacks Recovery Interview with Jenny McCarthy

Jenny-McCarthy-Net-WorthJenny McCarthy interviews Charles about panic attacks and anxiety disorder recovery.

Jenny’s son also suffers from anxiety and panic attacks so she has a very special interest in Charles and his organization.

Jenny asked Charles about TLM, LAR Therapy and how Charles’ organization has been able to develop the world’s first anxiety recovery therapy with 100% success rate at removing anxiety disorders.



My Mission

If simple freedom from anxiety disorder is what you want… we’ll deliver.


large adjusted“I fully understand that people have life experiences that have and continue to, effect them in many ways, HOWEVER, it is how you respond to those things that forms the basis of your emotional health. We teach you to reset your responses, removing inappropriate fear and therefore enabling you to ‘cope’ more effectively in every aspect of your life!! To truly maximize your potential.

I’ve developed products and programs, but my greatest achievement is to develop the world’s only dedicated, professional, accredited anxiety disorder recovery therapy… No other ‘treatment’ demonstrates, or focuses on, real recovery and nothing else comes close to the results we produce. What we do through the centers, our Educational Organization, our courses, residential programs, books, CDs and online resources is nothing short of wonderful. My recovery after 27 years of suffering was wonderful but the opportunity it brought to me that has enabled me to touch the lives of millions of people has defined me as a person and a carer.

LAR Practice, the accredited Anxiety Recovery Therapy we have developed is used in practice by many practitioners around the world and testing of its efficacy confirms all that we experience day in day out. The average outcome using LAR in The Linden Method program is ‘total elimination of anxiety’ (*See Copenhagen trial) This means that sufferers no longer need to be disappointed when all else has failed them. I wish I had been given what we do when I was anxious!”

Charles Linden


Some well known clients 'speak out'



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Charles' work takes him far and wide'

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Charles Linden pictured on location and in studio with Ricki Lake, Lady Jemma Mornington and Gok Wan during media shoots and TV series production.

Charles works with clients, corporate clients and celebrities from around the world from LA to New Zealand – Charles is a consultant to media agencies, government agencies, doctors, psychologists and corporate clients from around the world.